Let Your Data Tell the Story

Your mobile VPN is strategically positioned in your network infrastructure. It manages critical data. It is aware of the type of network the data is surfing on. It knows which application generates the data. It distinguishes which mobile unit is using which interface. What if this information could be used to optimize your network infrastructure and to improve your agency performance?

Synopsis has been designed to let your data tell its story. It seamlessly connects into the Mult-IP’s events logging engine. Within a few clicks, the required information and useful visuals are unveiled from tons of megabytes.

favWhy Synopsis?

  • User-friendly web interface
  • Sleek and easy to understand visuals
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Access from anywhere, from any device, at any time
  • Full integration with Mult-IP
  • Includes all Mult-IP events
  • Available to every Mult-IP logged in users
  • Secure access
  • Fully compatible with Multi-Agency organizations

Case Study

The Problem

The county’s Public Safety network administrator is notified of slow connections by field staff. They report that it’s been happening for the past two weeks….Given their heavy workload and night shifts, they cannot provide a more detailed description of the problem, but expect a solution as their productivity is reduced. The county management is eager to have this situation resolved.

The Solution

The network administrator queries the Synopsis Network report with the Group Traffic option. He quickly notices higher traffic levels for the Police agency group. Then drilling down through Police agency traffic data, he can notice, in the hourly traffic histogram, traffic peaks happening in the past two weeks around 2 a.m. Using the Application Traffic report filtered for the Police agency, he understands that an application is generating the most traffic at 2 a.m. With only a few clicks, he was able to identify the root cause (the application unexpectedly backing up its data) fix it by using the Mult-IP filtering capabilities.

Let Synopsis connect to your Mult-IP events logging engine. It will allow your users to solve business problems and work more efficiently.

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Multiple Networks. Multiple Applications. One Mobile VPN.

Mult-IP is the only network agnostic mobile VPN solution in the industry to offer simultaneous support for all major wireless network technologies, including IP/non-IP based Public Mobile Radio (PMR) networks, public/private 2G/3G/4G and LTE wireless networks as well as broad based satellite networks. It enables administrators to create multiple independent communication networks in one VPN, achieving an ideal balance between coverage, performance, control, reliability and cost.


Flexible Mobile Networking Capabilities for Flexible Working Environment

ipUnplugged is the industry Leader in VPN solution built according to open Mobile IP and IPsec standards, enabling secure connectivity and seamless roaming across any combination of IP networks. This freedom to roam without any impact over both corporate and public networks, whether wired or wireless, will translate into higher productivity and cost savings.